1. General information

The purpose of this Privacy Notice is to provide information regarding how Arco Lab Private Limited ("Arcolab" or "we"), as a prospective employer, will process your personal data during the recruitment process and afterwards. We adequately protect and safeguard the personal data that we process about you, with due regard for your privacy. Your personal data is handled in compliance with applicable data protection laws in all cases, which means that:

  • Legally, fairly, and transparently treated.

  • Collected exclusively for legitimate purposes as described, and not handled in a manner inconsistent with these purposes.

  • Relevant to the purposes noted above.

  • Accurate and current.

  • Be maintained as long as necessary for the purposes we have described.

  • Protected against unauthorized or illegal processing, loss, or destruction by using the appropriate organizational and technical safeguards

The section below contains more details about how we collect, process, and store your personal data. If you have any opinions or questions, please feel free to reach out.

2. What personal information is going to be handled?

Arcolab may collect and process the following Personal Data about you (where applicable): name, address, contact information, nationality, information contained in your CV and letters that you send us, as well as information provided to us during interviews, tests, or background checks as part of the recruitment process (i.e., to verify the information you provide to us) (collectively referred as your "Personal Data"). Personal Data is acquired directly from you, your referees (for example, previous employers or colleagues providing references), from publicly available sources, and our partners.

3. What is the purpose of handling your personal information?

We shall process your Personal Data for the purposes set out below.:

  1. Contact yourself about the recruitment process

  2. Evaluate your competencies, qualifications, and relevance to the position.

  3. Conduct background checks and references, as applicable

  4. Invite yourself to the company and your team, as required.

  5. Maintain records for current and upcoming hiring processes

  6. Follow legal or regulatory requirements

If an objective requires automated decision-making, including profiling, you will be provided with information on the logic involved, as well as the intended relevance and effects of this processing.

If you do not provide us with some Personal Data, we may not be able to adequately assess you as a candidate through the recruitment process.

4. What is the legal authority to handle your personal information?

Your Personal Data shall be processed to enable Arcolab to fulfil its legitimate interests. It is, for instance, in our best interests to evaluate your qualifications and determine whether to extend an offer to work for Arco Lab because it will be advantageous for us to hire the best person possible.

We have carried out a balance of interest test and concluded that our legitimate interest in processing your Personal Data for the purposes described in Section 3 above outweighs the privacy breach that you as a candidate may be exposed to, considering that (i) the processing activities can be reasonably expected by you as a candidate in a recruitment process, (ii) the processing of Personal Data is limited,

We must also process your Personal Data where relevant to enter an employment contract with you and take necessary steps before entering such a contract.

5. Who can access to your personal information?

To protect your Personal Data against theft, unauthorized access, and other threats, we have put in place appropriate technical and organizational security measures. Your personal data may only be accessed by a selected group of persons. Your personal data will only be accessible to those who need it to process them for the above purposes.

We may share your Personal Data with partners who conduct background checks on our behalf, and with service providers and advisors whom we recruit from time to time.

6. How long do you store your personal data?

Your personal information will only be kept for as long as it's needed by local law and is required for the processing of personal information for the reasons specified in Section 3 above. For instance, this means that your personal information will be kept on file during the hiring process and, if relevant, for as long as you are a candidate for further positions and roles at Arco Lab (or an Arco Lab affiliate). However, some Personal Data will remain on file for at least of two years after completion of the recruitment process with the sole purpose of establishing, exercising, or defending legal rights.

Please keep in mind that your personal information can be stored and used for recruitment to positions other than the one you applied for at Arcolab. If you are not interested in any additional posts, please contact Arco Lab and inform us that you wish to be excluded and deleted (to that effect).