• Empowering business, value creation through curated IP edge
  • Align business and IP strategy for optimum results
  • Seamless connect and collaboration between scientific minds and legal counsel

The techno-legal enabler and an underlying force in realizing business potential through informed decision making

From an idea to a commercial value enhancement:

  • IF you are a business leader,we help with ideation and prima facie patent challenges in the market, preliminary assessment, competition and market formation analysis.
  • If you are a Formulator or R&D Scientist developing a prototype product, we help with design assessment and guidance, verification and clearance of the whole product employing customised patent landscapes.
  • If you are an Inventor, we help with filing, prosecution and maintenance of Patents for you
  • If you are looking for patent related advise for Dossier filing and securing marketing authorization approval, we assist you with that.
  • If you are expecting ANDA / Biosimilar Litigation and require support and management, we are the perfect choice.
  • If you require freedom to operate for your product for a particular region, we are happy to help.
  • If you are seeking Patent / Trademark-based IP Due Diligence, we can prove to be the right fit.
  • If you are looking at opting for a device for drug delivery, we got it for you.

Intellectual Property Services

Bringing values to businesses through our products and services related to IP.

People Capabilities


  1. Scientific minds blended with IP law understanding
  2. Our IP professionals offer tech-legal solutions from concept to market for Pharma generics and Biosimilar matters, IP M&A, Diligence and contracts
  3. Collective domain experience of more than 4 decades

Tools Repository


  1. Scifinder
  2. IPD Analytics
  3. Drugs@FDA
  4. FDA Orange book
  5. Public PAIR
  1. Regional patent databases, WIPO
  2. Inhouse curated database
  3. CANVA

& many more

Other Expertise

Arcolab has an expertise in end-to-end outsourcing services

With proven capabilities and deep domain expertise, we address your business challenges through our integrated IT and business process outsourcing solutions that address critical business functions.

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