Arcolab’s Rolls Out Covid-19 Vaccination Drive at Workplace


More than 8000+ employees and family members get inoculated against Covid-19

Arcolab has always been attentive towards employees’ physical wellness, psychological health and their overall well-being. Vaccination ensures protection, prevention and safeguarding the physical health of the employees’ and, brings mental peace and stability that result into improved efficiency at work. Hence, Arcolab took a great initiative to roll out the COVID-19 vaccination drive for its associates and dependent family members at its office campus in Bengaluru. The vaccination drive also, includes the company’s support staff and contract staff workers. Arcolab collaborated with Cloud 9 and Local PHC’s to organize vaccination drive for Arcolites and all the group companies covering 8000+ employees including the family members. The vaccination coverage is 97% across the group companies. We emerged triumphant in organizing such an important event on a large scale.

The vaccination drive, that took place on 25th and 26th August ’21, administered Covishield vaccine to Arcolab’s employees, off-roll employees, contract workers and their family members. Some crucial information pertaining to the drive were that the person had to provide the relevant details and use the registration link to be eligible to get the vaccination through Arcolab. Employees were required to register with the COWIN app, prior to the vaccination drive as a requirement.

Speaking about the vaccination drive, Shashidhar KL, Executive Director & Head – Arcolab, said, “It’s great to be a vital part of the government’s vaccination drive and help accelerate the process of mass vaccination. Timely vaccination for everyone is our best chance to win this war against COVID-19. As India gears up for the third wave of the pandemic, our first and foremost priority is to get all our associates, their families and our entire partner ecosystem vaccinated at the earliest. We took proactive measures and collaborated with a leading hospital to organize a vaccination drive to ensure 100% employee vaccination.”

Arcolab’s priority has always been the health and well-being of its employees, and we are so proud of the Arcolab’s team for brilliantly executing a vaccination drive and going the extra mile to support each other. Swift vaccination is the long-term solution to the crisis and with a vaccinated workforce, Arcolab ensures that we not only put less stress on the public healthcare systems but will also, be able to resume economic activity much faster.