Congratulations to all our new promotees


Celebrating continued growth and development, Arcolab is extremely pleased to announce a whole host of promotions across our services. To recognize our promotees, Arcolab planned a surprise initiative and extended our gratitude with a personalized appreciation note from our Executive Director & Head of Business at Arcolab. These promotions are richly deserved and are indicative of the calibre of our people and the strength of all our teams.

“Congratulations to all the promotees. It has been a difficult year and each one of you have had your personal challenges, but still stretched the limits, went out of you comfort zone and emerged as great performers and winners!!” – Shashidhar Lingaraj, Executive Director & Head of Business, Arcolab.

We congratulate our valued employees for their promotion! All their hard work, dedication deserve this achievement and we are very happy for them. These promotions are a recognition of the significant contribution each one of them have made to the business, and our hope and expectation of the innovation they will bring in their new roles.

Smile is contagious and this initiative proliferated employees’ happiness across the length and breadth of Arcolab.

Arcolites, your skills are unmatched, your knowledge is priceless, and your experience is invaluable. Congratulations on your success and much deserved promotion