An Insightful Session on Pharmacovigilance for Strides Pharma


Pharmacovigilance is required through the entire life cycle of a drug – starting at the preclinical development stage and moving right through to continued monitoring of drugs once they hit the market. It is the study of two primary outcomes in the pharmaceutical industry: safety and efficacy.

Dr.Gopal Muralidharan, Head- Medical Affairs, Arcolab Private Limited, was the guest speaker who was invited to share insights through a leadership talk event, ‘Know Your Function’, at Strides, Bangalore, on the essential nature of Pharmacovigilance, emphasizing on the importance of collecting, analysing, monitoring, and preventing adverse effects in new drugs and therapies.

This session turned out to be knowledgeable and insightful since it helped leverage the OneStrides culture in the organization, build awareness of the value chain and facilitate interaction with the leaders across the organization along with, imparting knowledge on the importance of Pharmacovigilance that plays a key role in the healthcare system.