Arcolab Launches ‘Accelerated Leadership Program’ (ALP) for their Leaders


Arcolab is in its transformation and growth phase and that means it brings along enormous challenges as part of the package.

The core pillars of strength in this journey are our Leaders, and it becomes crucial to enable and enhance their leadership skills to empower, inspire their teams and drive brilliant performance, to transition from functional leadership to Business leadership and to focus on results and leverage talent.

Embedding business behaviours and building resilience to uncertain challenging business situations is also, an integral part of any business in the current scenario.
Given these requirements, we at Arcolab launched an ‘Accelerated Leadership Program’ for a select cohort of leaders, front-ending the crucial businesses and processes, in association with our learning partner Reflexion, (Urvashi Malhotra, Suva Chattopadhyay, Ajay Kelkar)

The multi-stage program is modelled as:
Lead Self –> Lead Relationships –> Lead Culture & Change -> Lead Business

and follows an integrated learning approach with assessments, debrief, individual coaching, group coaching, facilitated sessions, IDP, and peer-to-peer learning involving deep knowledge conversations.

The program which commenced at the beginning of this year and has reached mid-way so far has seen a positive change in leaders’ preparedness towards the business transformation and growth. Upon the completion of this program, our leaders take on their newer approach to their leadership skills with the desired effect on a noticeable change in driving business behaviours, empowered teams, build an independent identity for Arcolab as an organization, and with a vision for the future.

Thanks to our BSO Head, Shashidhar Lingaraj for sponsoring this program and having the opportunity to design and implement it along with Rukmini Giridhar and Ravitha Devasenapathy.

These are some of the pictures at the various facilitated sessions from face-to face to virtual sessions (due to the pandemic).